TRACE network

TRACE network
(Central European Architectural Research Think-tank)

The TRACE network was created as a think-tank, bringing together architects, researchers and scholars. Our activities focus on interdisciplinary research projects, projective practice, and the dissemination of knowledge. The aim is to revive the cultural ties and relationships that once existed between the architectural production centers in Central Europe. TRACE is cooperating with the most active organisations (research offices, foundations) dealing with cultural and architectural projects in the region, including Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria and the former Yugoslavia.

TRACE is to carry out its mission in an interdisciplinary field seeking to find new operational fields between architecture, landscape design, urban planning and design research. Protection of modernist architecture heritage, public space and realm, a collective memory, critical culture and the production of knowledge are in the center of our attention. As Central Europe was and is still a production center for many of the most radical ideas of architecture, urbanism and public space. We try to settle those projects in the transnational context.
This modus operandi can relaunch the exchange between the most active centers of architecture. The Interdisciplinary approach will draw lines between disciplines and the different national narratives in the heart of Europe. We consider the critical analysis of the past as the best way to reveal a new image of the present state of Central European architecture.

The first projects concern the role of knowledge transfer from CE in shaping the global modernity: in Brazil, Argentina, the U.S. and the Global South. We are also working on several publications with high importance to the architectural culture of the region.

The project Lifting the curtain think-tank is responsible for preparing meritorical content, conduction of the  research and curatorial guidance.