Bureau of Architecture, Research- Design – BADR

An interdisciplinary office based in Kraków, Poland. BADR is active in the field of architecture, urbanism, visual communication and design research. The collective practice is responsible for a number of projects - from public space (Center of Rozwadów town PL), to strategic projects (Wesoła - Ogrody Kultury Centrum, Kraków PL), projects supporting the activity and interest of local communities (Linear Park Gregórzki - Olsza, Kraków, PL) modern and specialist architecture heritage and expert works. We are active at the exhibition design and content management filed (recent projects: The Year of the Century of the Avant-garde 2018 – exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in Łódź; PL, Dreams & Dramas at nGbK Berlin, DE). Cooperated in the past with i.e. with Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, NL; Jan van Eyck Academie Maastricht,NL;, MoMA Warsaw, and Institute of Urban Development Kraków University of Technology, Kraków, PL. We co-curated the exhibition „Postmodernism Is Almost All Right”. Polish Architecture After Socialist Globalization (MoMA Warsaw, 2011; book 2012), initiated and curated (in the Central European Architectural Research Think-Tank TRACE) „Lifting the Curtain. Central European Architectural Networks” project (shown at La Biennale di Venezia 2014, and further exhibitions in the partner countries of the Network).